Coating Technology and Environment


Coating Technology and Environment

The earth crust constist of 8% aluminium. Mankind will never carry that to an end like oil or other resources.

Aluminium layers enhance the use of massive aluminium by making it more easy to combine it with other metals.

Most coating processes continually discharge waste water. This water is treated after the process.

Hazardous vapours are also given off and usually released into the environment through the filter.

This procedure is avoided with galvanised aluminium coating thanks to the technology applied. The process is carried out in a hermetically sealed system. All vapours are condensed and most are returned to the process. Rinse liquids is concentrated and fed back into the main process. Only minimum amounts of liquids have to be disposed of, for instance with maintenance work.

Due to the slow-acting side reaction, the electrolyte has to be replaced after a very long period of time. The very high energy content as compared to high-quality diesel oil is particularly beneficial for thermal recovery.

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