Post-Treatment of Galvanised Aluminium Coatings


A galvanised aluminium coating allows layers that are usually only used on aluminium to be applied to other materials.

This offers the following benefits: extreme hardness, medically safe, FDA approval, high temperature-resistant, electrical insulation, impressive properties under extreme conditions, catalytic effect and extremely high corrosion resistance.

The following belong to these processes:

Keronite       A very hard aluminium oxide coating.
Alodine®      EC2 Electroceramic coating
Anodisation           Very transparent colouring on the purest aluminium
Hard anodisation     The more robust mechanical and electrical version of anodisation

You can find a wide spectrum of aluminium treatments at:

All commercial types of aluminium passivation can be used. This can improve corrosion protection and optimise adhesive and painting properties. A corrosion protection of approx. 10,000 hours is achieved in the neutral salt spray test with a top coating made of PTFE.

Galvanised aluminium coatings are ideal as an adhesive promoter between cast aluminium and components made of other metals.

The method of applying thermal diffusion to the galvanised aluminium coating allows Al-Fe layers to develop a high chemical resistance. The sustaining strength of aluminium is considerably higher with Galvano Aluminium layers than with other aluminium processes.

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