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… is a galvanised coating made of high-purity aluminium.

... can be deposited on many different types of metals and alloys such as steel, stainless steel, titanium without requiring interlayers with excellent adhesion.

…can also be applied to many other metals and alloys such as magnesium, zinc as well as cast aluminium by using interlayers.

... perfect intermediate layer for welding and soldering parts made of aluminium with high-grade steel, titanium or many other materials.

…can be treated with all types of processes suitable for aluminium such as passivation, anodisation, hard-anodisation, hard material coatings, organic coatings etc.

…delivers a high level of purity (>99,99%), ductility, temperature resistance (>450°C) and a corrosion resistance far superior to "normal" aluminium.

…protects parts from corrosion for 720 hours in a neutral salt spray test in accordance with ISO 9227:2006 without any post-treatment required. Values between 1,000 and 10,000 (ten thousand!) hours can be achieved with post-treatment.

… prevents contact corrosion.

… offers a strong remote protection action.

…protects against wear when used with other top coatings (corundium), displays excellent anti-adhesive properties, impressive properties under extreme conditions and can have a catalytic effect.

…is absolutely harmless to the health, biocompatible and is available in almost unlimited quantities in the Earth's crust (8%).

…has an extremely compact crystalline structure in contrast to deposited layers.

…is easy to polish.

…is separated from non-aqueous, aprotic electrolytes. This has the benefit that no hydrogen forms during coating. As a result, the coating of high-strength alloys does not pose a problem.

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