Automotive Engineering

Light metals are increasingly being used in the automotive industry. Contact corrosion problems that occur with the combination of steel and aluminium can be combated with the Galvano Aluminium coating. Galvano Aluminium’s excellent corrosion protection provides an excellent solution for rivet systems in connection with the high ductility. The corrosion protection remains intact even at higher temperatures. Springs can be made of high-strength material but which is susceptible to corrosion. This saves on weight. The purest aluminium with passivation provides corrosion protection. Since aluminium is extremely ductile, neither stones hitting on the car body nor the continuous deformation of springs can minimise corrosion protection. By applying an organic layer, a protection period can be achieved which by far surpasses the service life of other components.

Galvanised aluminium coatings provide excellent protection for grounds contacts. Crimp connections remain corrosion-resistant provided that they have been coated with aluminium first. The use of aluminium cabling for supplying power to various assemblies is another way of reducing weight in vehicle construction:
Calculated in kg, aluminium conducts electricity more than twice as efficient as copper – and the same applies to material costs in € (April 2011= 2.3).
Problems caused by contact corrosion can be easily avoided by using aluminium obtained through galvanisation. Through passivation, aluminium surfaces can receive an elegant finish in a wide variety of colours.

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